Completes her coursework

and is now a 







I was born a Kenyan girl, second to last of a family of nine children.  Both my parents are alive.  My daddy is totally blind and my mum is a house wife and always sickly with so many physical complications.  My elder brothers and sister never went to school because of poverty and therefore lived a miserable life full of struggles to get their daily bread.  Two of the nine children died because of hunger.  Being the second last born, I also passed through struggles, suffering and low self-esteem.  My schooling was just by the grace of GOD.  Being encouraged by my teachers, I performed well in class.  I was always boosting the school mean grade average and this gave me favor to go through high school without paying a lot of tuition fee.  I did my high school examination but I never got a direct entry to go to the university.  There were many reasons for that such as the upcoming school had less learning and teaching facilities and the lack of motivation from family members who never knew the importance of education.  However, with all the challenges, I was the best student in my school even though the grades I got did not give me a direct entry to the university.  I stayed in my village for one year after my high school and life was unbearable for me.  I could not withstand seeing my parents and siblings suffering and struggling to survive, so I decided to go to my pastor’s place and stay there just as a family friend.  I thank GOD because Pastors Paul and Mary Odari accepted me and were willing to accommodate me because I was desperate.

When I was at their house, I met with a good Samaritan, a noble woman of GOD, with a different heart, a heart of compassion and love.  I call her Kukhu Jan (Grandma).  She came to Kenya to minister at Pastor Paul’s place and she found me there.  She did not know I was learned until one day when a Kenyan lady came to her and started talking to her in our Swahili mother tongue.  I moved closer and began to interpret in English so Kukhu Jan could understand her.  After that, she knew I could speak English.  She wanted to know about me and I explained to her my life and my background and how desperate I was for academics.  She saw my heart and told me, “You will be able to learn.”  To me, her statement of “you will be able to learn” was something I had only dreamed of.   She asked me what I wanted to be after I received my education and I told her, “I want to be a teacher or a nurse.”

Kukhu Jan encouraged me and gave me hope!  I remember that day when she was leaving Kenya to go back to the USA.  I told her, “KUKHU, DON’T FORGET ME,” and she said, “DORCAS HOW COULD I FORGET YOU?”  She repeated that statement three times.

After three weeks, she sent my school fees through Pastor Paul Odari and I got an admission in Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology.  There I took a course in a Bachelor’s of Education Arts, English and Literature combination.

Kukhu Jan and Kuka Lon have always been there for me throughout my campus life.  They have been paying my tuition fees and living expenses.  They have always been concerned about me, encouraging me, praying for me whenever I had a problem or exam.  I finished my university examination last month, marking my four years of studies in the university.  I will be graduating in December to get my first degree I education.

At age 23, I am now working as a trained teacher in Gilgal Boys High School and am grateful to Kukhu Jan and Kuka Lon and how they rescued my destiny.  I am working as hard as possible to also be a blessing to my community and the nation at large.  As a trained teacher, I am trusting GOD to give me an orphanage and a school to be able to rescue young people and little children who want to pursue their education but are limited by poverty.  I already have two orphans that I am supporting, aged 6 and 7 years and they are both in first grade.

Through my American grandparents, I am somebody.  May GOD give them a long life to continue rescuing the destiny of many.  Pastors Paul and Mary and their family have been a blessing to me also.  I bless the Lord because of them.  I love them too.

                                        GOD IS A DESTINY CHANGER!
                                          My shame has been rolled away!

                                                 --Dorcas Nafula--